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I offer a full range of laparoscopic and vaginal procedures for prolapse and incontinence.

Although I initially worked as a general obstetrician and gynecologist when I first immigrated to Canada, my interest has always been urogynecology, and the pelvic floor. This has also been my focus for professional development and further specialization for more than twenty years. I have now worked exclusively as a urogynecologist for more than fifteen years, with thousands of all relevant procedures under my belt. In surgery, just as in every other high level human endeavour, skill can only come through experience and hours and hours of persistence and repetition, after a very solid basis in education and training. No amount of teaching, or simply graduating from a residency can ever make anyone an expert, in contrast to the belief of some government agencies in our health system that seem to believe one certified person is just like any other, and treat them accordingly. 

As Sun Tzu wrote in the 'Art of War' in the 5th century BC, and as has been verified repeatedly through scientific studies; it takes many thousands of hours to become a master of anything. This is even more true in surgery than many other fields and especially in reconstructive surgery, for instance pelvic reconstructive surgery. We are not simply talking about taking something out; we're trying to modify and repair a highly complex, dynamic and vital part of the body. Although anatomical outcome is important and we strive for the best 'cosmetic' outcomes, function is even more vital.

I have put in my hours, over years and years of diligent practice, ongoing improvements of technique and instrumentation and being active in National and International organizations that are the leaders in the field of urogynecology.

In Calgary we specialize in vaginal surgery, as well as laparoscopic colposacropexy. Our techniques have been refined to the point where we have become known throughout Canada for excellence. As a result, we have a very competitive Fellowship program, with qualified gynecologists vying for the few positions to do a two year subspecialty fellowship under the direction of myself and my colleagues at the division of urogynecology of the University of Calgary's department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

We have been at the forefront of the International effort to investigate newer techniques, including mesh kits, new mesh slings, and various biological prosthetics. We have also been internationally recognized for some world class research. Please see my letter dated 2008 regarding problems with some of these techniques. You can find this letter under the 'news' tab on this website. Some of these techniques have stood the test of time and investigation, but many have not. We have published numerous scientific studies regarding surgical techniques and our efforts and focus on improving never ceases.

Although I (Dr. Murphy) and my colleagues cannot guarantee a specific outcome, nor absolute certainty of success after surgery, I can promise you that I will only offer and perform procedures that I believe have a high probability of improving your problem, and that I will perform that procedure or procedures to the absolutely highest international standards.

Make absolutely no mistake however; no surgery can turn the clock back, or completely cure damage caused by childbirth, a lifetime of stress and straining, nor aging. At most surgery attempts to mitigate or improve (completely cure if lucky), symptoms, and visible manifestations of the problem. It is not guaranteed to succeed, nor to last, and there are significant complications possible. Thus, surgery should not be a first choice, nor considered lightly. I therefore offer all available conservative options as well, and recently introduced a revolutionary laser technology that could, if not cure the problem, alleviate it without any of the risks associated with surgery in many cases to a point where surgery is not necessary.