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Labiaplasty is a procedure where the labia minora (inner labial lips) are either reduced in size, but often just shaped to be more symmetrical, or otherwise aesthetically changed. Labiaplasty is sometimes required because of irritation or pain resultant from friction, but often requested for purely aesthetic reasons.

Labiaplasty is a controversial topic in gynecological circles. There is still a school of thought that compare any 'medically unnecessary' labiaplasty to female genital mutilation, as if it is always objectively possible for someone, usually a gynecologist or family physician to decide what is, or isn't, 'medically necessary'. In my opinion there is a lot of unnecessary patronizing and hypocricy involved. Unless someone clearly has a body dysmorphic dysorder, who is entitled to tell a person that a desired cosmetic procedure is acceptable or not? Cosmetic medicine is well established as not only acceptable, but recognized and respected, UNLESS it involves private parts. Hypocricy personified. The International Urogynecological Association has a special interest group in cosmetic gynecology, which is actively trying to challenge these perceptions, and I am a member of both IUGA, as well as this particular SIG.

Labiaplasty can be done in various ways, but not all techniques are equally effective. I offer a combined Erbium and Nd-Yag laser labiaplasty, which is effective, safe, and can be done in a simple, half hour office procedure. The Erbium laser is used for the excision, and the Nd-Yag for sealing the excised edges, stopping bleeding and shrinking the resultant wound for reducing swelling and quicker healing.

This is a laser 'surgical' procedure nevertheless and there are the usual risks of bleeding, infection, scarring etc. The use of the laser and the specific technique used definitely minimize all of these risks however and also increase the ability to 'shape' the outcome to that desired by each individual.

We recommend scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Murphy to discuss your wishes and the procedure itself, the cost, and to make sure everyone is on the same page as far as what is the desired result as well as expectations. Please just call our office to set this up; my office will be happy to assist you quickly.