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Intra-urethral laser for incontinence and OAB

I am one of the first practitioners in Canada to introduce and offer direct, intra-urethral but office based laser treatment for certain types of difficult to treat stress urinary incontinence and overactive bladder symptoms. Currently certain types of SUI or OAB are very difficult to treat, and in some cases almost untreatable because of associated medical problems that rule out surgery. Our current treatment options for some such situations are highly unsatisfactory, and often don’t work very well. The same is often true for overactive bladder (OAB), if this is related to leaking of urine into the urethra, or to atrophy of the urethra.

This new treatment involves a two to three millimeter probe that is gently introduced into the urethra, through which the laser energy will be applied. The whole process takes a few minutes and having done numerous procedures during my training with the Laser and Health Academy, as well as now in Calgary,  I can confirm that it is extremely well tolerated. The concept behind this is similar to the reason the vaginal application of the Fotona Smooth laser energy improves vaginal trophism and tightening, which is useful for wide ranging problems for instance incontinence, laxity, prolapse and also for atrophy or genital syndrome of menopause (the thinning and drying up of the vagina which is almost a universal problem for women after the menopause and which leads to discomfort, increased risk for UTIs, as well as painful intercourse). The improved trophism inside the urethra in case of the Incontilase Intra, improves the coaptation of the urethra. This is the 'closing ability' of the inside walls of the urethra, which plays a major role in preventing leaking, and urine escaping, as well as urine leaking into the urethra, setting off symptoms of urgency and frequency (having to go frequently and called 'overactive bladder', or OAB).

This new treatment modality will almost always be combined with the intra-vaginal laser I currently do for the above conditions. It is not a stand-alone procedure in most cases, but an additional procedure to try and improve the expected treatment results and outcomes in certain cases. Not everyone will require this addition however.

Here is an animation of the procedure: