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Intimate sexual sensation and response enhancement: 'Orgasm shot'

Many women struggle with sexual dysfunction. This can take many forms, including a lack of response, lack of sensation, a delay in arousal, pain, or lack of reaching orgasm. For many women these problems can be very distressing and lead to significant personal, or relationship stress or breakdowns. At the very least any of these realities can detract from living the best intimate life you can.

Although there are many possible causes for any of the above problems, the most common of these causes can be treated and mitigated. This include atrophy which is discussed elsewhere, but also nerve damage from childbirth, surgery, or simply aging.

Some of the treatment options include laser, but also specifically Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). There is a commonly used trade name for these injections, called the 'Orgasm, or 'O' shot, which many women have read about in the lay press. I offer this at my office using the Eclipse PRP system and it works.  Please see the section on PRP for further information.