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FOTONA IncontiLase, IntimaLase, RenovaLase, ProlapseLase


The natural aging process and childbirth can cause changes to our bodies that may effect feminine wellbeing and quality of life. Symptoms such as Ichiness, dryness, incontinence and vaginal relaxation can often be uncomfortable and embarassing.

It’s more common than you think.

  • 40% of women suffer from some form of urinary incontinence
  • 80% of women will experience vaginal atrophy

 Now there is something you can do about it before considering surgery. This new revolutionary technology is the first development that gives the chance of reverting the vaginal tissues back towards a healthier, younger state and that reduces leaking, bulging (prolapse and or simply the laxity after childbirth), as well as vaginal symptoms of atrophy (postmenopausal symptoms of dryness, discomfort and painful intercourse).

Fotona lasers and Fotona laser treatments are Health Canada approved for genital syndrome of menopause (a costellation of symptoms including incontinence, vaginal dryness and dyscomfort, prolapse, painful intercourse etc.). This is something NO other device manufacturer can claim; and for good reason. Fotona lasers and the respective treatments have been proven by exhaustive research to be effective, safe, and in many cases superior to traditional treatment options, including surgery. And that without any of the usual complications.

Explore the possibilities with FotonaSmooth - A fast, safe, and effective in-office laser solution for improved vaginal health.

  • IncontiLase - for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence
  • IntimaLase - for the treatment of vaginal relaxation
  • ProlapseLase - for the treatment of prolapse
  • RenovaLase - for the treatment of vaginal atrophy
  • ProlapseLase - for the treatment of prolapse

 No pain, no downtime, and no medication.

Please note: Laser treatments are not covered by medicare. We will provide a letter you can submit to your private insurance, but we do not deal with insurance companies directly. For news and announcements, please see the 'NEWS' dropdown menu above.

What is stress urinary incontinence?

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is a common problem in women that causes the involuntary loss of urine during coughing, sneezing, laughing, or physical exertion such as running or climbing stairs.

What are the traditional treatment options?

Until now SUI was treated non-invasively through muscular training, known as Kegels exercises, which are only marginally effective since they rely on daily compliance. SUI is also treated invasively with a surgical implant known as a Urethral Sling. This procedure requires hospitalization, recovery time and could potentially cause serious complications.

What are the treatment options?

Until now, effective results for VRS could only be achieved through invasive surgical treatments such as anterior and posterior vaginal plastic surgery. There are many post-operative complications associated with these procedures and a high degree of dissatisfaction with the results. The treatment options for atrophy due to menopause typically involve hormone therapy.

Post Treatment:

You can leave immediately after your procedure and continue your daily routine. There may be some minimal sensitivity after the procedure and a transparent discharge for 2-3 days afterwards. Sexual intercourse is not recommended for 1 week after the procedure.

What are the causes of SUI?

The cause for this involuntary loss of urine is due to the weakening of the urethral closure mechanism, which is the result of changes in the pelvic floor region. The main contributing factors are vaginal childbirth, obesity and aging.

What is vaginal relaxation and atrophy?

Vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS) is defined as laxity of the vaginal wall. It can result in loss of friction and sexual satisfaction for both a women and her partner. Vaginal atrophy refers to the thinning of the wall of the vagina that often occurs post menopause and is associated with dryness.

How does IncontiLase and IntimaLase work?

The laser has a photo thermal heating effect on collagen in both the vaginal walls and the urethra which causes restructuring and regrowth of the collagen. This results in thickening and tightening of the vaginal walls and urethra to improve atrophy and prevent urine loss.

This simple, non-surgical, 15 minute in-office procedure is highly effective, pain free and safe. A special attachment, similar to a speculum used during a pap test, is inserted into the vagina during which the entire vaginal region is treated with short laser pulses through a small handpiece.


94% of women reported that SUI improved significantly after 120 days and 68% were completely free of SUI. 

95% of women indicated they experienced a more than moderate level of vaginal tightening.



IntimaLase - Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening

Dr. Murphy proudly offers non-invasive, incisionless vaginal tightening procedures using revolutionary Fotona laser technology. This non-surgical treatment option provides patients with a painless experience while allowing for extreme precision to treat a variety of vaginal issues especially overstretching of the vaginal canal caused by childbirth as well as natural aging. There is no need for local anesthesia nor, pre or post-treatment considerations to be made. Meaning, clients can come to our clinic, get the treatment, walk out of the clinic post- procedure, and immediately return to their regular day-to-day routine.

IncontiLase - Non-Invasive Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Using state of the art and revolutionary Fotona laser technology, Dr. Murphy provides non-invasive laser procedures to treat urinary incontinence. Virtually painless, with no need for incisions, this laser treatment does not require pre or post-op precautions. In fact, patients can immediately return to their normal everyday activities following the procedure. Thermally affecting vaginal tissues, this technology stimulates collagen remodeling and the synthesis of new collagen fibres in the vestibule and urethral orifice, and along the anterior vaginal wall. This results in shrinking and tightening of vaginal mucosa tissue and collagen-rich endopelvic fascia, to create greater support to the bladder and thus, return continence functions to normal.

RenovaLase - Non-Hormonal, Non-Invasive Vaginal Atrophy Treatment

Performed by the expert hands of Dr. Murphy, this non-invasive and innovative vaginal atrophy laser procedure helps women reclaim their sexual satisfaction without the use of long term estrogen therapy. Vaginal dryness, irritation, itching and pain while having sex are all symptoms of vaginal atrophy. Caused by shrinking and thinning tissues and decreased lubrication due to natural aging, vaginal atrophy is uncomfortable but can be treated successfully.  This non-hormonal, non-invasive procedure is quick and safe, and reverses the effects of atrophy by replenishing oxygen and nutrients to vaginal tissues. It increases elastin and collagen to contribute to mucosal elasticity and provides those suffering from vaginal atrophy with an estrogen free solution. Now, we also have the Eclipse PRP (platelet rich plasma) system to add growth factors and nutrients to the tissue. PRP can be combined with your laser treatment for enhanced and quicker results. You can read more about PRP under the 'news' dropdown menu.