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Anal skin tags and hemorrhoid tags

Our ND Yag laser is the perfect technology for removing anal skin tags and hemorrhoid remnants and tags. We have noticed that this is becoming an increasingly popular request and we are happy to be able to offer this service, with best in class technology. Dr. Murphy traveled to Europe a few years ago to learn from the experts in the field of laser hemorrhoid and anal tag treatment. The treatment we offer is not covered by Medicare and you will be charged directly. Please call for information.

This treatment requires local anesthetic and will require some post treatment recovery time which will vary from person to person. In general it could take several weeks for a complete recovery, obviously again dependent on the specifics of the treatment required. In general you may need a few days off from work. Please call the office for more information and what to expect.

We have noticed an increasing request from men for this treatment. Please be advised that I do now accept male patients for this. As always, we also accept male patients for other cosmetic laser treatments as described elsewhere on the website.

For all patients interested in this option, please take note that after an initial examination, I will only proceed to treatment if I determine to the best of my ability, that I can help you in a safe manner that is also likely to be effective. If I determine that I cannot help, or we mutually agree not to go forward with treatment, there will be no charge.

I do not promise perfection, only that I will try my absolute best to help, and improve. Results vary and are obviously dependent on extent of the problem, personal health and other factors, and some unknown contingencies like healing, infection etc.