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Surgery cancelled? Postponed? Consider alternatives

As everyone knows, the Delta Covid variant has led to tremendous strain on Healthcare systems worldwide. In Alberta, we are in the middle of a 'fourth wave' of the pandemic, with hospitals full, ICUs almost overwhelmed, and staff overworked, burned out, demoralized and on the verge of quitting. Things are not good.

Many of you have either had scheduled surgery cancelled, or postponed. Those who had not yet been scheduled, are looking at much, much longer wait times for surgery when the decision is made. There is currently no timeline for the cancellations, or specifically the start up of elective surgery again. One thing is however certain - it will take time to get back to full efficiency when things do start up again. (UPDATE: Oct.21; just received word that elective surgery is unlikely before the new year. In the meantime waitlists are exploding)

Given this 'brave new world' and yes, one has to be brave to thrive and to be honest, even survive, in this world; why not consider an alternative?

The reality is that many women can benefit from new technologies, and specifically laser, supplemented by PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). And even if it might not 'cure' the problem, remember that surgery, in many cases, ALSO does not 'cure' the problem. Surgery is often temporary, less than successful, and sometimes create new problems. Furthermore, surgery comes with risk. Although we of course always try to minimize that risk, it can never be eliminated. In contrast; laser is safe, painless, has zero downtime (you can literally go play tennis immediately after your laser session), and has a good chance of reducing or dramatically improving symptoms.

Although laser and PRP are not covered under traditional Medicare, some private insurance plans do cover them, health spending accounts almost always cover them, and the cost is tax deductible (please talk to your own accountant about this).

Because these technologies are done in my office, and not in an AHS facility, we can get started within a very short time frame - usually within a week or two.

So, why wait for surgery to start up again and dramatically increasing wait lists to eventually whittle away till you get to the top of the line? Consider your alternatives.  My office staff will be happy to talk to you. Also, you do not need a referral to access non-Medicare services directly. These include pelvic floor physiotherapy, as well as any of our laser or PRP services including for atrophy, incontinence, painful intercourse, pelvic organ prolapse or ANY cosmetic treatment. There is a lot of information on what we offer on this website.

For any Medicare related services, including a consultation with any of our physicians, a referral from a physician is however required.

Another alternative to surgery is trying a pessary. A pessary is like a 'brace' or a 'splint' for the vagina. It does not 'fix' the problem, but it can be an effective way to manage a variety of problems. For best results with a pessary however, there is a need to accept certain inconvenience and management, especially if sexually active. There are also some nuisance issues to be prepared for. Pessary fittings require a referral.

Don't let the pandemic delay your treatment. You deserve better.