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Dual mode vaginal laser for leaking, prolapse and vaginal tightening - First in Canada!

I will be the first clinician to introduce dual mode laser treatment for vaginal tightening, urinary incontinence and prolapse. Standard laser or radiofrequency treatment use a single mode of energy, mostly affecting very superficial tissue. This treatment has the potential to solve a lot of problems, like incontinence, vaginal dryness, pain, painful sex, as well as a feeling of looseness or bulging. I have been offering single mode laser treatment at my clinic now for seven years and have treated hundreds of patients with fantastic outcomes and not a single significant complication. Introducing a second laser wavelength is a unique and safe way to target deeper tissue and get faster, more effective results and outcomes.

I have worked directly with the scientists at Fotona in Slovenia to obtain the only handpiece currently available in Canada to introduce ND Yag laser into my vaginal laser practice. We have been using the ND Yag laser for years for a variety of cosmetic indications, including removal of lesions such as anal tags, but until now it was not possible to get the energy to where it was needed in the vagina.  Canada often lags other countries when it comes to the introduction of new technologies. There is little incentive in the public system to bring new technologies to practice, so it often takes individuals to make it happen.

I have been extremely happy with the results we can achieve for our patients with the Erbium Fotona laser. However, adding a second, deeper acting laser wavelength has been shown to provide faster, and improved results, especially for vaginal tightening, prolapse, and urine leaking.