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Fotona lasers and Fotona laser treatments are now endorsed by Health Canada for genital syndrome of menopause (a costellation of symptoms including incontinence, vaginal dryness and dyscomfort, prolapse, painful intercourse etc.). This is something NO other device manufacturer can claim; and for good reason. Fotona lasers and the respective treatments have been proven by exhaustive research to be effective, safe, and in many cases superior to traditional treatment options, including surgery. And that without any of the usual complications.

There are many devices on the market claiming efficacy. In many cases these claims are unencombered by any actual research or proof regarding both efficacy, as well as risks. Fotona lasers have been proven to be safe, effective and well tolerated in the treatment setting. Fotona is one of the oldest laser manufacturers in the world and have decades of research experience in almost every possible field of laser application one can think of (industrial, military, medical, cosmetic etc.). With Fotona there are no unanswered questions and nobody is subjected to inadvertent 'experimentation'.