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A recently published scientific article confirmed the effectiveness of Erbium Yag laser treatment for urinary incontinence. This is just ONE example of over forty peer reviewed articles now proving the effectiveness of Erbium Yag laser for a variety of urogynecological indications, with indications increasing and expanding, as experience shows successful outcomes with treatment. 

Here is a link to the abstract on Pubmed, which is the biggest medical scientific database in the world.
Laser vs TVT and TOT mesh sling

The FDA recently published a warning about the proliferation of unproven and dangerous laser and other energy devices for vaginal treatments. I completely agree with the warning. We are back to a situation when mesh first became popular, with rapid industry mobilization into a market where they perceive easy profit to be made. In 2008 I wrote an article about the situation with mesh, and predicted a class action lawsuit and problems. That article can be read, unaltered from my 2008 writing, below, under the heading: 'New Devices'.  Now it is about energy devices. The important thing is that the problem is with unproven, unregulated machines and uneducated users and providers. Not all lasers are the same and not all mesh is the same. It can be used safely, with effectiveness, but it can also be abused by unscrupulous companies and naive providers.

When the FDA wrote that there is little evidence for the effectiveness of some of these technolgies, they were correct, but singled out a few companies and types of energy sources. This is not true for all lasers for instance, and Fotona as a company, being the most respected, oldest and largest laser manufacturer in the world, has absolutely nothing to be gained by making false claims. They also have enough financial muscle and industrial clout and resources, to research their technologies and potential of this, before making claims. This is one of the reasons Fotona has not yet launced in the USA, and therefore was NOT even considered in the FDA statement. Fotona was waiting for complete proof of efficacy before applying for specific treatment approvals in the US. There are now more than forty peer reviewed published scientific papers underscoring the incredible benefits of the Fotona family of lasers for various indications and the FDA approval process is in progress. At the most recent International Urogynecological Association (IUGA) meeting in June 2018 in Vienna, there were keynote addresses and debates and general recognition and acceptance that laser energy has a lot to offer.

What needs to happen is that the opportunists need to be driven out of the market by appropriate regulatory action, before it gives the entire field another bloody nose. Also, who better to see for laser treatment for you urogynecological problems than someone who understands the pelvic floor and its problems and can also offer alternatives? Also, being a registered physician and gynecologist, my lasers are registered by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta and my clinic is officially registered as a laser treatment center. My lasers are serviced regularly, so you should have piece of mind that they are working safely and properly.