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The 2017 International Urogynecological Association meeting was held in Vancouver in June. During the meeting two internationally recognized expert surgeons were asked to do demonstration surgery, and Dr. Murphy was one of them. The other was Dr. John Gebhart from the Mayo Clinic in the US. The surgery was performed on stage, on cadaver patients, in front of a live audience. The procedures were broadcast in real time on large screens and were interactive, with both surgeons wearing microphones. On stage was an internationally recognized expert panel for moderation and keeping the surgeons' feet to the fire.

Dr. Murphy performed a laparoscopic colpohysteropexy and Space of Retzius dissection for demonstration of the anatomy.

The event was attended by about 500 audience members.

This was the first ever event of its kind at an IUGA annual general meeting, and Dr. Murphy was honored to be a part of this historic event.