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If you need help: How to get it

It is sometimes challenging and confusing for patients to know who to call if there are problems, especially after surgery. There are a number of ways to get hold of me, my office, or to find help. It needs to be realized that I cannot take routine calls when I'm busy so there might be a delay for getting answers for non-emergency situations. Also, I might not be available at all times, might be out of town, in meetings, or simply unavailable. Be assured that there is a system in place to provide you with support and the necessary help, if needed. Below is information to spell that out.

Please understand that I cannot answer non-urgent questions if you are not my patient, or just want general information. I get a lot of emails explaining the nature of personal medical problems and asking for advice or a diagnosis from patients I have never seen. I will not respond to such emails or to such phone requests. Please see your family physician for appropriate referral if required.

However, having said that, I am part of a urogynecological 'on-call' group, which I share with four other colleagues in Calgary. Through this call-group, we cover our group's personal patients 24/7, 52 weeks per year, for urgent and emergency situations, as well as for urgent referrals by physician colleagues in the community who refer to us in emergency cases. The idea of this system is not to answer routine questions, nor to deal with situations that could be more effectively dealt with by your own physician in the office. If however you have concerns about a situation, for instance after surgery, and you cannot get hold of your regular urogynecologist in Calgary (including me), it is appropriate to find help through one of the methods explained below:

  1. Daytime; non-urgent or semi-urgent; Murphy Glenmore office patient:

        Call my office: 403 692 0440

        Office closed: See (2)

  2. After Hours; Only urgent questions (but non-emergencies)

        Call Foothills hospital switchboard to find out who the urogynecologist on-call is: 403 944 1110

  3. Emergencies only (for instance after surgery)

        Go to Foothills hospital emergency, or if not in Calgary, to your nearest emergency department or urgent care center

        Call 911 when appropriate

  4. For less serious issues you also have the option to consult your family physician first.