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Dr. Murphy recognized as international expert at IUGA 2016

The International Urogynecological Association's 41st annual meeting was held in Cape Town, South Africa in early August, 2016. Dr. Murphy was honoured by being asked to be on faculty for the conference, and was one of a select few people who taught during the two full day courses held for international delegates. He gave four lectures in total, during the workshop and course titled: Current controversies in pelvic floor surgery. The invitation re-confirms Dr. Murphy's standing in the international community as an recognized international expert.

Prior to the conference, Dr. Murphy also spent time at the University of Stellenbosch medical school and division of urogynecology and gave two lectures to the department of obstetrics and gynecology there. 

New Devices and Medical Advances

Letter written by Dr. Murphy in 2008 predicting mesh related class action lawsuits:

Pelvic Health & Childbirth was published already in 2003. During the years since then there have been significant developments in the recognition and treatment of pelvic floor disorders, especially incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

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Vaginal Mesh Class Action Lawsuits

I've been following the development of the vaginal mesh class action lawsuits with interest. Please read my essay dated August 2008 on this website, under the title 'New Devices'. You'll see that I predicted a major class action lawsuit coming soon, at that time! Here were my exact words quoted from my 2008 whitepaper:

"I have been telling some of my colleagues that I fully expect a major class action lawsuit to be launched within the next ten years".

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